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52 in a Row

Retired from Google Play

52 In A Row is a simple yet addictive solitaire type card game that requires both luck and patience.


- Layout:
* Seven table decks (across top): only the top card is available for play. At the beginning of the game five random cards are dealt to each deck.
* Dealer's deck (bottom face down): dealer's deck has seventeen cards in the beginning of the game.
* Score deck (bottom face up): score deck is empty in the beginning of the game.

- Objective: Move all cards to the score deck.

- Rules: Score is built up or down in sequence regardless of suit. No wraparounds in normal mode, only Twos can be played on Aces, and nothing can be played on a King. However wraparounds are allowed in easy mode. New cards can be dealt to score deck from dealer's deck.
52 in a Row - 1
52 in a Row - 2
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