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Crab vs. Spider

Get ready to help crabs defend their beach from the invasion of a mob of spiders.

Crab vs. Spider is an addictive arcade action game with fun graphics that will make you say "just another round". You will need to act quick and be precise as spider waves arrive faster with each level.

- Control crabs by swiping/scrolling left or right.
- Crabs can only block spiders of the same color. So red crabs can only block red spiders, etc.
- Spider waves will become faster with each level.
- Match crab and bonus boxes colors to increase your lives, and decrease spider’s speed and distance. Watch out for opposite effects in case colors didn't match!

- Google Play game services leaderboard. (Android)
- Game center leaderboard. (iOS)
Crab vs. Spider - 1
Crab vs. Spider - 2
Crab vs. Spider - 3
Crab vs. Spider - 4
Crab vs. Spider - 5