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Android Dropbox Notifications

Android Dropbox Notifications (ADN) uses your Dropbox account to synchronize and maintain in an HTML file the last 10 notifications you receive on your Android device. You will never miss again important notifications because your phone was in silent mode, in your desk drawer or out of reach...

- Enable/Disable synchronization.
- Sanity check: reinitialize the HTML file on your Dropbox account in case of deletion, conflicted copies or any other malfunctioning.
- Filter notifications: choose the applications you want to be notified of on you Dropbox account.
- Volume restriction: choose if you want notifications to be synchronized only when your phone is in silent mode.
- Display restriction: choose if you want notifications to be synchronized only when your screen is off.
- Notification style: switch between three different notification styles.
1- HTML + CSS: Default and recommended style.
2- HTML only: For those who want to apply their own CSS or looking for a simpler look.
3- TEXT: Plain text file for purists and bandwidth savers.

Android Dropbox Notifications (ADN) must be enabled in ACCESSIBILITY to be able to read notification content. ACCESSIBILITY can be accessed from your phone settings or directly from ADN.

Privacy Settings:
- We respect your privacy. We won't use your Dropbox ID and E-mail address for other than in-app display purposes.
- We won't use (read, store, share, publish, sell, etc.) your personal data e.g. Notification Content in any other way that is not stated in the application description.
- We might display some paid advertisement in the application, which may lead you to some external website. We are not responsible for the content of the external website.
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ADN - 2
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